Hooman Sedghamiz | Kisaco Research


Hooman Sedghamiz is Director of AI & ML at Bayer. He has lead algorithm development and generated valuable insights to improve medical products ranging from implantable, wearable medical and imaging devices to bioinformatics and pharmaceutical products for a variety of multinational medical companies.

He has lead projects, data science teams and developed algorithms for closed loop active medical implants (e.g. Pacemakers, cochlear and retinal implants) as well as advanced computational biology to study the time evolution of cellular networks associated with cancer , depression and other illnesses.

His experience in healthcare also extends to image processing for Computer Tomography (CT), iX-Ray (Interventional X-Ray) as well as signal processing of physiological signals such as ECG, EMG, EEG and ACC.

Recently, his team has been working on cutting edge natural language processing and developed cutting edge models to address the healthcare challenges dealing with textual data.

Job Title: 
Senior Director of AI & ML