Suqiang Song | Kisaco Research


As engineering director, Suqiang leads multiple teams of ML infrastructure engineers, driving machine learning platforms and infrastructure solutions for all product and engineering teams in Airbnb.

As a senior AI leader, he works closely with senior partners in product and engineering to shape Airbnb’s vision in AI and ML, streamline innovations, and ensure Airbnb has a complete set of AI infrastructure that meets long-term needs.

Previously, Suqiang served as Vice President, Data Platforms and Engineering Services at Mastercard, as one of the Data / AI commit board members to identify strategies and directions for Data Enablement, Data and ML platforms across multiple product lines and multiple deployment infrastructures. He has led worldwide engineering teams of data engineers, Machine Learning engineers, and data analysts to build unified data and ML platforms both on-premise and on-cloud for Mastercard

Job Title: 
Engineering Director, Data Platform & ML Infrastructure